This past Thursday was big day and major victory for the Affordable Care Act which is also known as “Obama Care”. Once of the largest pieces of legislation in United States history escaped a potential death blow from a challenge in the Supreme Court of the United States. The SCOTUS decision ruled in favor of Obama Care staying intact with its tax credit subsidies and employer mandates.

President of Texas State Financial and Health Justin Holland is a member of the San Antonio Association of Health Underwriters which has been a sound and solid resource for many leading agents and brokerages in the South Texas area with staying connected with constant changes the industry encounters. Our brokerage is based out of San Antonio, Texas but protects individuals, families, and businesses all over the state.  Mr. Holland was contacted by both local and national media outlets to comment on the breaking news of the SCOTUS decision.

Make sure to visit both articles linked below.

San Antonio Express News:
Losing subsidies could have sparked ‘a whole other crisis’

Justin Holland Quotes for San Antonio Express News (1)

Obamacare subsidies stay, to relief of consumers, insurers, other businesses

Justin Holland Quotes for USA TODAY (1)



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