San Antonio Express News reaches out to Texas State Financial & Health for comment

San Antonio Express News reaches out to Texas State Financial & Health for comment

TSFH-San-Antonio-Express-NewsPresident of Texas State Financial and Health Justin Holland was contacted by Peggy O’Hare which is the health care reporter at the business desk of the San Antonio Express news. Justin is a member of the San Antonio Association of Health Underwriters which has been a sound and solid resource for many leading agents and brokerages in the South Texas area with staying connected to the constant changes the industry encounters. Our brokerage is based out of San Antonio, Texas but protects individuals, families, and businesses all over the state.

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Experts: New ACA tax will scale back employee health benefits


“We really need to see some action from our legislators quickly before this tax damages and discourages those employers that continue to grow and build the economy,” local insurance broker Justin Holland, owner of Texas State Financial & Health, said in an email to the San Antonio Express-News. “The middle class worker that depends on these benefits could see them diminish.”

Employers will have to determine every month if any of their workers’ health coverage costs exceed the established limits. If so, the business will be required to alert the IRS and their coverage provider so the tax can be paid.

How can I get an estimate of costs and savings on Marketplace health insurance?

Texas State Health Insurance has been assisting clients and future clients with preparation of the Affordable Care Act for months now. Until the Marketplace opens on October 1st, you can use tools like the Kaiser Family Foundation calculator to get a rough estimate of how much health insurance may cost in 2014. We have provided a quick link directly below to the calculator but please take a minute to read the additional important information as well. If you need assistance of have any questions, please feel free to visit our contact page link CONTACT.

QUICK LINK TO CALCULATOR: Kaiser Family Foundation’s health insurance costs and savings calculator.

The Kaiser Family Foundation health insurance cost and savings calculator

The health insurance costs and savings calculator we link to below provides only an estimate. Your final premiums and costs may differ from the estimates, perhaps significantly, depending on where you live and the coverage you select. You’ll learn your final costs for specific plans when you apply in the Health Insurance Marketplace as soon as October 1, 2013.

Before you use the Kaiser Family Foundation calculator, there are a few important things to know:

  • The calculator provides a rough estimate of costs for insurance, based on national averages and factors that may not apply to you. It will give you an idea of what someone with circumstances like yours could pay for Marketplace insurance in 2014.
  • The calculator accounts for some factors that may determine plan costs in the Marketplace: age, family size, and tobacco use. Individual plans will weigh these factors differently to determine final prices.
  • The estimate doesn’t account for differences based on where you live, which will significantly affect Marketplace prices and offerings.
  • The prices are based on a plan in the Silver category. Plans in different categories will likely have higher or lower premiums.
  • You won’t be able to get your exact costs for a specific plan until you fill out a Marketplace application after October 1, 2013. Then you’ll see all of the plans available to you, compare features and prices side-by-side, choose a plan, and enroll. You should expect that your final cost will be different from the rough estimate provided here.

Background on the calculator

The calculator was created by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-profit research organization, for use by the general public. The Kaiser Family Foundation is solely responsible for this tool. The Kaiser Family Foundation has no connection with Kaiser Permanente or any health care provider.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services did not participate in the creation of this calculator. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of estimates provided by the calculator.

Use the health insurance costs and savings calculator

If you’re ready to see the estimates, visit the Kaiser Family Foundation website and use the Kaiser Family Foundation’s health insurance costs and savings calculator.

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