Approximately 200 million American adults do not have a will or estate plan in place to protect their family and loved ones! About 75% of those individuals and families feel that it is too expensive, complicated, and just out of reach. This is an underserved market and I am very excited to announce that Texas State Insurance Services is currently protecting our clients with an affordable personal estate planning product from one of our exclusive partners.


of U.S. Households do not have a Will


That over 60% of Americans and U.S. Households do not have a Will? Even more shocking is that 90% do not have an up to date, comprehensive estate plan. Very important decisions on how assets are distributed, who will become the guardian of your minor children and who is to make health care decisions from an untimely emergency where you cannot not communicate would be decided by a judge without a plan. Make sure that your family has their affairs in order.

If you need this service to protect your family or would like to make sure your employees have access to this protection as well, then please contact us immediately.

Texas State Insurance Services offers an online destination for individuals and families to prepare, store and share a personalized set of estate planning documents. This program utilizes an award-winning process that allows individuals to establish estate planning documents in about 20 minutes. The comprehensive package will create valid documents for all states, provide a cloud-storage platform and guarantee access to a network of specialized attorneys.

Once a client has been registered, they can immediately begin to utilize the platform to create their Estate Plan. Aside from basic Estate Planning (Will, Power of Attorney, Advanced directive, etc.) this system also enables the user to create a Living Trust as a probate avoidance strategy. Our SmartGuide walks the user through a series of questions while creating personalized and state-specific documents in the background!

Once the documents have been created, they are stored in the user’s personal and encrypted LifeVault. The user can access and edit their documents at any time and invite others to view their documents in the LifeVault!

Simply put, Texas State Insurance Services makes the Estate Planning Process simple and efficient.

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    Without dictating life decisions, a person’s wants and wishes are determined by the state. NetLaw gives individuals the assurance they need to feel comfort in clarifying and securing difficult decisions.

    • Be in Control. Make wants and wishes known. Secure an entire household’s financial and healthcare decisions.
    • Be Proactive. Utilize valuable estate planning resources to start the conversation and build a better understanding. Modify and update documents anytime, anywhere at no additional cost.
    • Be Connected. Select from and connect with a local attorney specialized in estate planning, elder law or special needs. Share documents and communicate advanced planning needs with family members, healthcare providers, attorneys, financial planners or other stakeholders.
    • Be Organized. Store and manage important documents through a secure, digital safe deposit box. Access and share documents anytime, anywhere on your digital device.
    • Be Charitable. Make an impact and leave a legacy. Take comfort in securing planned gifts ahead of time.


    Texas State Insurance Services is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or legal services. The service is not a lawyer referral service. You acknowledge that you are using a service for the self-preparation of legal documents and that neither Texas State Insurance Services or your advisor is providing any legal advice or legal representation to you. You further acknowledge that decisions made with regard to the development of your legal documents are made by you and without the advice or guidance of Texas State Insurance Services or an advisor.

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